Following class today, my group got into the studio to successfully record our demo at 3RRR.

Class this morning was extremely insightful. As each of the other groups presented their demos and received feedback from Bruce and Sam, I noted many things to take into the recording of our own demo. The transitioning between segments, the volume levels of songs as seen on the soundcloud uploads and the balance of presenting/content where only some of the many things that were importantly outlined. The class itself was beneficial, in understanding the feedback directed at others and applying it to our demo that we were recording this afternoon. As the only group member present in class this morning, I was extremely disappointed that I was the only member there to absorb this advice, having to later relay it to the group – who I believe would have readily benefitted from receiving it first hand in class as I had. I believe it was an important class to be in attendance, especially before making our way to 3RRR to actually record our demo – an important part and assessment in the course.

Once I arrived at the Studio at 12pm, as we waited for the remainder of our group, we sourced some tracks to play within the Demo and penned down interview questions to ask one another (our interviewees) within the demo time frame. It was unfortunate that not all group members could attend the session for its entirety, along with developing a solid run sheet and understanding of roles and responsibilities. After a brief practice, we began recording our demo. As panel operator, I felt a small amount of hesitancy from lack of practice and familiarity with my other group members. I feel the demo itself, flaws and all, went quite successfully. There are a couple of moments of dead air, where the queueing of songs/ sponsorship did not run as smoothly as I had hoped, however I believe it was a decent first proper attempt as a group. The lack of a presence of two presenters within the demo is of concern. In this respect, the interviewing although welcoming, appears very one-sided and lacking a different perspective. Obviously in the playback, annotation and reflection of the demo in the coming days, it will become evident what did and did not work in the production and recording of the demo.

I’m anxious to see how the continuing weeks will pan out, as communication, time management and efficiency are crucial in the production of a live to air radio show. Hopefully the entire group can improve on these fronts where we are lacking, so that we can create a high quality show on Room With A View. I would like to organise more sessions in the weeks before we go live to air in order to fully prepare and iron out all of the problems that could possibly occur on air.