The entirety of the Room With A View studio embraced the concept of “group work” in every way possible, allowing me to form a thorough understanding of collaboration, specifically within the radio industry. It is crucial in a creative field, to share and contribute as a collective team, utilising each group members’ strengths, playing to them in order to produce the best outcome possible- one that you can each be proud of. I have felt as through throughout my studies at RMIT, group work has often been tedious, group assessments boiling down to oral presentations and written pieces. However, Room With a View has given me a whole new understanding of how valuable a team is in accomplishing a large task that may be at hand. I believe that it comes down to the team as a whole in whether or not a product is successful or not – something that comes from preparation, or lack thereof.


RWAV has taught me the utmost importance of preparation and what happens when it is distinctly lacking. Prior to the studio I was aware that radio does not only include the time that a show is on air, however I was seemingly naive regarding the percentage of work that takes part behind the scenes and prior to going live. Communication, one of the most important things I have found is essential through the studio, is key in preparation- from emailing talks producers for approval, contacting potential interviewees, and first and foremost, communicating with those you are collaborating with.


I have gained a variety of new skills through my time at the 3RRR studios. After taking on the role of producer as our group were facing many difficulties with communicating, I realised the workload that is required in the assembling of a radio show. From learning how to create a run sheet to generating interview ideas and having them approved, I now have a thorough understanding of the organisational elements that are required in the production of a radio show. On the other side of the studio, I have gained skills (of which remain a work in progress) in regards to in studio operations of a show. I have learnt what to and what not to do in order to create an interesting and intriguing interview focusing on a specific topic and how to panel a show from beginning to end. After tackling a range of challenges in the demo recording in regards to dead air and failing to play sponsorships or incorrect songs, I have developed a further understanding of the importance of practice in the production of quality content.


My Groups live- to air show was thoroughly unprepared and this reflective within the hour-long content that we produced. Organisation was absent by all group members in the lead up to our show, individual roles were not understood, contribution at points was lacking and I believe that on many instances, I rose to the occasion in attempt to steer our show in the right direction. This was also reflected in the constructed feedback that the group received from Elizabeth, outlining our sheer lack of preparation (run sheets, interviewees and music changes) and the unprofessionalism that it hinted to. Elizabeth’s comments were difficult to hear, as they were justified. She affirmed many of the thoughts I had already been developing regard what had felt like a  lacklustre effort from a group provided with a rare and beneficial opportunity on a popular and operational radio station. It seemed that the comments instilled a sense of disappointment amongst the group, as there was a collective sense of accomplishment over the show we had managed to produce. However, we appeared to have a joint understanding that in the future, we needed to be better prepared, more organised and exercise the ability to communication with one another more proficiently.


Coming into the last assessment- the Feature, I believed that with the feedback the group had accumulated from our live to air show, we would be motivated in creating a product that would reflect a will to succeed. Despite our interviews being collated perhaps later than I expected, our feature was eventually edited into a succinct and entertaining 10-minute piece. Although we faced the challenge  of where to start in regards to  a tumultuous amount of collected content, and numerous hours dedicated to editing, I am proud of the final product. Some group members contributed more than others, a fact that will not reflect within the feature itself, however as a team we managed to create a piece that we each enjoy and are pleased with.


Whilst creating the final assessment piece, it was evident that we have grown and improved as a group, as I similarly feel as though I have individually grown. Although preparation was still lacking in many areas in regards to pre production of concept and organising interviews, our communication skills have improved thoroughly. There was a vast sense of group effort within our hours in the editing suite, as we worked as a team to problem solve and contribute.


I am certain that the knowledge and experiences I have gained throughout this semester will be beneficial in the future in regards to radio work and generally within all collaboration that I undertake within the any media industry.