Waling into this week, I was anticipating a three hour session at 3RRR following class, where as a group for the first time, we would practice in the studio, and utilise the last hour of our session to record our demo. Initially I was hesitant, as the remainder of my group explained that their panelling session had been quite unsuccessful. Due to their session occurring on the public holiday due to availability, there had been no professionals to assist them, so they seemingly came out of the other end of the session without much more of an understanding of the panel than they had prior. It was important for us to get into the studio and utilise our time together to its full potential before recording our demo.

Due to lack of communication, the studio session that we believe had been booked had not in fact been booked. I believe this was our fault due to lack of understanding that we were to book the session ourself after a discussion with Sam in class the week prior. This was our fault and we should have taken the initiative to book the time slot ourselves. After contacting the 3RRR, we were under the impression that we had in actuality booked a session from 2-4pm, but I came to realise that it was another group’s session. In short, our group was a mess – where lack of communication between each and every member was completely lacking. Our massive clashes in availability does not help whatsoever, and makes it nearly impossible for us to all meet up on any day of the week other than on Mondays straight after class. Honestly, it is extremely frustrating in attempts to navigate the inner workings of a group project, along with undertaking majority of the course content outside of class time at a different location, while different members have booked appointments etc. during the only time that we can actually meet.

After discussing with Bruce and Sam, we were granted an extension, allowing us to book and confirm studio time from 12-3pm next Monday after class.  Hopefully a lack of communication does not hinder the productivity and enthusiasm of the group.