Analysis Reflection – #5

 Lecture 7 Lighting: What was covered? Do you think the content is relevant to your project? And why?
The familiar conventions of key and fill lighting were explained. It’s important to know what kind of lighting we need to highlight actors. Totally relevant no question. Also relevant to our film are the safety concerns surrounding lighting equipment. You could go into a shoot and with no briefing on safety, injure yourself or another person quite seriously.

Select from one of the readings from week 5, 6 or 7 and describe two points that you have taken from it. Points that excite you, something that was completely new to you.
The week 6 reading by Rabiger was like a bible for me to help understand what roles everybody needs to abide by. I know that this group project is a little more lenient when sticking to roles but its really important for everybody in the crew to understand what their responsibilities are especially when we only have a day to shoot. It was pretty funny reading about what to be wary of when choosing a crew member because we didn’t get to choose our group members. And it makes me realise how woefully unprepared we were for our shoot.

Blow Up is a 1966 film directed by Michelangelo Antonioni.
In this scene note the choreography of the actors, camera, frame and focus. As covered in the lecture describe the things Antonioni would have have to consider when directing the actors and the camera.The camera is often still in this sequence. Antonioni would have had to show the actors how the shot was framed and where the positive space was in the shot. He would’ve also had to thoroughly explained to the actors the queues to look out for when moving. The opening shot played heavily on establishing where they were before the actress step into frame. Antonioni would have needed a continuity crew member as the characters move a lot around the screen. Positioning, hair and make up would all have to be consistent as shot variance is super high but temporally they’re quite fast and rapidly occuring.