What do we think?

So I spoke to my friends about what they thought of everything in this subject so far. It was pretty negative, not gonna lie. We don’t know what to think of Korsakow. Ella thought it was a disease for about 5 days until she realised it was a piece of software that seems dead. It sounds horrible I know but if we haven’t even heard of Korsakow then how are we meant to apply it to the real world in terms of our development? We’re still getting back into the flow of uni after such a long holiday. Stepping straight into the unfamiliar is a little daunting to say the least. We’ve thought up a few questions among ourselves. A few at this point in time but it’s a part of my contract so I gotsta!

– When was Korsakow made?
– How often is it applied to new media?
– Have any famous or well known film makers given a testimony for Korsakow?