Le reading about Writing as Technology…

#Throwbackweek4. It reminded me of Communications last week. What did and didn’t qualify as technologies and what not.

This reading suggests that regardless of what or how we write, we’re using technology. Even though we’d like to think that using pen and paper comes naturally to us.

The truth is that everything is a technology if we’re using it. But everything in order to be used requires a technique, that is, the skills or knowledge required to operate something. Like the printing press, the person operating it would have to have know how to get shit done. And by shit I mean the printing press! (I apologise if my posts seems lazy, I’m tired).
Anyway, language has evolved so much over time, well the distribution aspect of writing has expanded vastly and made much more accessible which seems reasonable. In the end language is universal, whether you’re in a first or third world. You can’t avoid it, unless you live in the remote jungles by yourself. Even still you’d try to talk to the animals.

Anyway he’s a picture of Lana Del Rey because yum.

This is what makes us boyzzzz.