So, we’ve been learning HTML, barely. I know it is supposed to be a starting point for people who have not worked in HTML before, but as far as I am concerned what we learnt is fairly useless.

I have been doing web design for 4 years, and I seriously don’t see why we only learnt about such small trivial things in the whole context of HTML. Learning how to align images is helpful, but when working in programs that are constantly trying to make this easier, I don’t see the point. Again with adding links to images and text, as far as I am concerned, a waste of time. Though it gives us the knowledge of how to edit our code directly, widespread and highly used clients such as Dreamweaver are moving towards making this knowledge redundant.

We are using text wrangler, and in reality, most web designers and people doing anything related to web will use professional programs like Dreamweaver, which makes it possible for us to not really know about this knowledge, which should take much less time than we took.