The Craftsman Vs. The Passionate

Calvin Newport’s work ‘The Clarity of the Craftsman’ brings up many interesting points. Many of these points do come across as quite controversial. After discussions¬†with multiple fellow students and experienced professionals I personally don’t see most of the assertions¬†made by Newport as very valid.

I note that there are reasons as to why people work where they do. They may gain fulfilment from helping others, or they may give others fulfilment etc. However I feel to say that in most cases his idea of the Craftsman Mindset isn’t necessarily the one whereby most decisions are made. Though many people would try to see themselves as being not selfish, to say that most people do what they do because it enables them to focus on what they can give to the world is rather limiting.

I agree that many people may see it this way, but unfortunately the majority the human race is selfish in nature, in some respect or another. Though this concept of being passionate about work is not necessarily all down to being selfish, the definition given by Newport needs some attending to, as that is the impression that it paves the way for.

The main issue Newport’s article has is it’s completely biased and opinionated nature. For a topic such as this, there is no line that can really be drawn in the sand. There is no right or wrong answer as the answer is different for everyone.

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