The Balancing Act

Today I feel that we find ourselves in a tricky situation, with many possible outcomes.

There are multiple ways that the whole entertainment and media industry could end up in, and it is disconcerting. With the global trend of the consumption of media moving so rapidly towards youth consumption, it begs the question as to how we manage to cater for multi-generational. As discussed in Chris Lederer & Megan Brownlow’s work, whilst it may be easier to advertise/pitch products and services to older generations, the younger generations, under the age of 35 are where the real money is being made these days, especially in digital media consumption.

In the long term whilst the idea of marketing to generation Z and Y may produce more money, the current audiences consuming media cannot be ignored. It is important to always look to the future, and towards the upcoming trends in the industry, and to be aware of this trend is crucial to understanding how to construct and manage an entertainment and media company.

However the question that I feel this notion, or mindset begs, is what happens to the production of these materials in the present? Do we make the early call and go forward with what trends are currently heading towards? Or do we slowly migrate to this different medium of content aimed at the Z and Y generations? I feel either way, some part of entertainment and media will be lost in this process. We won’t be able to see an image blown up on a daily newspaper, allowing us to capture the true essence of what the image is trying to represent. Regardless even though the media produced today is showing strength in the current Z and Y generations, it will be completely different sooner rather than later.

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