Week One Reading and ‘Unlecture’

So, I wasn’t asked to do create questions for our ‘Symposium’ but I thought, what’s wrong with doing more work, sort of. So I’ll be posting questions about the readings each week from now on. Woo?

Here is the reading by Adrian Miles. Click here if you dare.

  1. Should our blogs be casual, fun and inviting, rather than professional and aimed at our ‘future self’? Do we take on a more sophisticated and ‘industry’ based approach, or do we use our blog as a place where we can be casual and inviting to those that discover us?
  2. a). Will blogging itself as a media and communication form, one day, become a thing of the past? Will this relatively new form of communication (in the whole scope of the history of communication) become what physical paper books are becoming to eBooks on our electronic devices?
    b).If so, what are some ideas that, using forward thinking, could replace it?
  3. We have been advised as future ‘media professionals’ that knowledge and awareness of our online presence and the content we post should be regulated heavily by us. So, should we manipulate our current online presence until the content is suitable and relevant, or should we create a new online presence? (e.g. starting over on Social Networks or other institutions which we make contributions to)
  4. If one person has very strong views about certain issues, can posting about these issues (with strong bias and opinion) be very helpful to their future as a ‘media professional’ or may it hinder their future opportunities due to their outright and forward opinion? Is blogging really the best way of spending our time to be heard?
  5. What do we actually blog about? I’m still confused.


  1. Yeah, I feel like it was the most demanding question on that list, should probably have bumped it up to number 1

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