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Yaree Dangal dee “The bond of our dirt”

When we think of wrestling we think of entertainment, energy, rivalry and charisma but somewhere along the line there is one thing that as a audience may fail to notice is the bond that the wrestlers have.

There are many forms of wrestling but this documentary will be centered on a folk style wrestling called ‘Pehelwani’. It is a traditional style wrestling in Pakistan and has its root connected with Persian form of wrestling ‘Kushti’.

The story will revolve around a group of wrestlers who come daily to their practice area which is situated in a graveyard in the city of Lahore, Pakistan. Despite the lack of facilities, their mentor ‘Ustad’ provides his couching to students. Regardless being in a same sport and it is based on individual effort, there is no jealousy among the group and it is their bond that provides the joy of watching them perform. This documentary will focus from the preparation of the ‘Akhara'(square ring of dirt on ground) to their relationship, aggression and the excitement that they have in the ‘Akhara’.

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