Weekly Reading- Week 5

This weeks reading is “Finding Time in a Digital Age’ by Judy Wajcman. She explores how complex relationship has come between technology and time. Roughly hundred years ago, John Maynard Keynes, an economist predicted that as technology will grow, there will be more time to enjoy leisure. With technology, more work will be done by machines with high productivity and efficiency, but instead we have become busier than before. In the past, work used to be defined as a certain amount of time given and a certain code of conduct to follow, but with today’s technology, it has become more approachable and interactive that we just can’t ignore a single notification and thus have to respond to it. What were just work and personal life separate, has now become integrated into one life altogether, which brings to a question that I had in mind, how personal life has become? consider a smartphone, you have the accessibility to check emails and reply promptly, which results in constantly connected with work life.

Interesting point that was mentioned in the reading of a sociologist Juliet Schor in her work ‘Plentitude: The New Economics of True Wealth’ that she is against the long hour culture and over consumption, she says that we need to revalue our daily style and people tend to work too much, eat too quickly, socialize too little and don’t have enough sleep. I can relate to what she is saying because every day I travel from public transport and I notice that people are consistent with their interaction with their smartphone and thus there is a lack of confidence when approaching to people in real life interaction.

Although being optimistic, I do believe that technology is not all that bad, it does provide you with variations of how you want to approach the working style.

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