Week 3- Workforce

This week’s reading ‘Work’ by Ramon Lobato and Julian Thomas explores the realms of work environment in today’s world as mostly the workers are doing freelance work. It can be a good thing and a bad thing too. With freelancing, the workers have the freedom to work at their own pace of time, freedom for creativity and enjoying a permeable boundary between work, private life and leisure, but the expense is the experience they have in their bag and that can only be possible by working with a company.

A professor from New York University Andrew Ross said in his work ‘No Collar: The Humane Workplace and its Hidden Costs’ (2003) that although many enjoy the benefits of ‘new economy’ like flexible hours and creative control, his respondents also faced issues like over work and exploitations. This exploitation of labour is also shown on mainstream media in HBO’s tv series ‘Girls’, where the character Hannah ‘captures the experience of many aspiring media workers with working lives full of uncertainty and (self) exploitation’ (p.75)

However couple of solutions have been proposed in the reading like call for formalization of workplace and recruitment practices, along with better and more extensive government regulation. Hesmondhalgh and Baker have also emphasised that there should be unionization and a basic guaranteed income as a means to reform and a commitment that an individual will not self exploit.

I believe that if you are wealthy enough, then you may join the workforce for experience purposes as you feel yourself exploited, but for people with lower income, this is an issue as they would have to find ways to feed themselves. As long you enjoy what you are doing, then I don’t think there should be a complaining to do. Where do I see myself in all this? I guess I’ll probably be freelancing in near future and enjoy the freedom that it offers.

Project Brief 2

I tried to show my experience as an individual being here in Australia. Although I have travelled to many other countries but this is the first time I have moved away from family for my higher education. I was told that I would have a fun experience being a student in a foreign country and would enjoy myself but being the only child also affects my responsibilities to my family.

The materials I gathered for this task were mainly from my previous project brief 1 but I added a new video about my arrival in Australia. I had to keep in my mind about narrative that should revolve around my loneliness and thus I began with a video of my arrival in Australia, then the pictures of my so far experiences and last video depicting how I’m treated even after finding some company. I used Final Cut Pro X software for editing the materials. I first added the title and then all the videos and pictures into the timeline. As the task required 3 sounds to be added, i knew where to put the two sounds but i was having difficulty into finding what to do with the third sound, what should i add? I then called my friend back in Pakistan if he can create this background music for this task, he happily obliged and created one in just few hours. he called it the ‘lesser me’, don’t know what he meant by that but it worked for the video anyways. As for the text, I added subtitles in one part of the video where I have this conversation with my older cousin, the conversation is in my native language Urdu so to make it convenient for the viewers I added the subtitles.

The most successful part of my self portraits were the pictures. I know i did justice to it as being into photography for three years really helped in expressing my self. I knew what had to be done and didn’t took that long to get it right. the least successful part of my self portrait were the sounds, I think this is the area where I’m weak and i feel i didn’t do justice to it. I guess I should practice in making some tunes and maybe watching films and how the sound adds the fascinating element to the whole package of viewing experience. Narration (voiceover) is the other part where i feel i was unsuccessful, I’m no actor but i tried to express to support the story. Sound is the part where i feel i should definitely work and will improve as my journey goes on.

The Kuleshov Effect

In today’s class, guest lecturer Liam spoke about the editing techniques and how by breaking the clips and combining them creates a different meaning and how the audience relate to it instantly but the thing that caught my eyes was the ‘Kuleshov Effect’. It is an editing technique that by which viewers derive meaning by viewing two sequential shots. The example Liam showed us was a face of expressionless man looking straight at the camera and alternating with different shots (a girl in a coffin, a woman, soup bowl). The interesting part is that without even saying a dialogue or proving any reaction on the screen, we as a audience interpreted in three different ways, was he feeling sad for the girl, was he hungry or was he seeking lust?

Check out the following link decide for yourself.