Daymare (Final Touches)

Today I showed Robin my Project and he appreciated my efforts but following suggestions must be noted:

– Tweak the pitches

– Make the voiceover a bit spooky

– Color grade as it gives meaning to the scene

– Make the presence of the ‘being’ little less at the beginning

I’ll look forward to it and see if it deems fit in the film.

Outline of my story

Scene 1: INT

Guy is sleeping on bed, flashbacks of pasts appears in his dream and shows signs of fear in his sleep.

scene 2: INT

Guy wakes up from his sleep, reflects upon what he saw in his dream. Exits the frame/stays in shot.

scene 3: INT

Guy washes dishes when accidently turns on hot tap water, he sees the fumes and stares at it for a while, the flashbacks starts again and the whole scenario runs back and forth. Guy comes back to his senses and turns off the tap water.

scene 4: INT

Guy warms himself nearby heater, thinking about what is happening to him recently, as his eyes struck the flames of the heater, he again revisits his vision from past and after the same voice “You failed”, he comes back to his present state and loses his mind.

Scene 5: EXT

He comes out to his backyard and sits on the ground, asks himself why is it happening.

Scene 6: EXT

That same voice appears in a figure form. Starts to speak his dialogue.

scene 7: EXT

The figure will continue his dialogue and will go back forth with the guy’s expression, the figure slowly appears close to the guy and speaks his final words.

Scene 8: INT

Guy wakes up and indicates that it was just a dream, but that figure appears in the far back alley way.


Plan for week 8

Well the week is almost over, today each of us had a discussion with Robin regarding our projects. So after going through storyboarding and the dialogue that I wrote, Robin and I discussed the final approach that I’m taking on. So unlike the conventional method and the business practice of filmmaking where shooting is not in chronological order, well I’m taking that approach, the only reason is because I want my actor to go through the journey of the character and to connect more with it as story evolves.

The Camera equipment that I’ll use is my own DSLR. I mentioned in my previous post about technological advancement of DSLR but I have to be careful regarding sound as sync is an issue in DSLR, but then again, I don’t have much dialogues so I think I’ll be alright with it.

Now I just have to test my DSLR  in the environment where I will be shooting just to see if the lightning is enough. I’m hopeful that it would work out well. I’ll put some test shoots in coming days.

The most important dialogue

This the dialogue that I want form the being to narrate when he faces the man who is having troubles of bad memories:

She told me that you would wear the mask of deception. She said that every word that would fly out of your mouth would be yet another empty promise. She said that you would ride in on your white horse and that you would shout down from the mountain tops about how you were going to save us all. 

I remember everything about you. I remember how you said that you would always be there for them. I remember how you said that you’ll  go and save us all. I see right through you, man. You’re a liar. You’re the biggest hypocrite of them all and you deserve everything that is coming for you. We’ve gone too far, there is no turning back now.

How can you forget what is already burned in your memory? What will be left of you? What am I? Well I’m the nightmare at the end of your dream. Beyond time I stand, Run!


After discussing my idea, Robin advised that it is always better to have some notes or either storyboard for smooth flowing in the process of filmmaking. Thus I created one just now.

Note*: I’m not good at drawing



I know many of you may not understand, but it gives an overall view of 8 scenes of my film.

What do you think?


Screen Test

So today I experimented with my approach of improvisation. It turned out well. I described a situation to my performers and they acted accordingly. Here are the following videos:

Screen Test 1:

Screen test 2:

Screen test 3:

I think test 2 and 3 were up to Par and this is what I had in mind when I gave the situation to them. What do you say?

Presentation Draft


For the final project, I have thought of a short film idea. This project is a bit different as it won’t follow the conventional style of script and screenplay and then act. My approach is more towards improvisation and will have some elements from classic Italian Neorealism Cinema which means using of non actors, on spot locations and less usage of artificial lights. Regarding sounds, It will consist of both diegetic and nondiegetic sounds, usage of these sounds will depend when it comes to editing of what suits best.

Story of the film:

A man in his early 20’s has nightmares of a being haunting him in his sleep. He doesn’t know who he is and why is it after him. The images that appear in his dream are of fire and related elements and finishes with the word ‘You Failed’. Later he starts hearing the same voice and flashback images of that fire. He finally loses his mind and calls out to confront him. The devil being approaches him and he issues a statement of his dreadful past.

In the end the man losses his will and as it appears the devil is about to finish him off, The man wakes up from his sleep and is relieved that it was just a dream, it’s only when devil appears from the corner and laughs out devilishly while the man is not aware of his presence.


The setting of this film will be in a house.

Main Focus and reason for this kind of project:

To see whether working with non actors and improvisation gives out the desired results of what the director wants for the film.

D- Day:

Week 8:

-Formation of groups

– Decide the Location

-Finalising all of the crew roles

Week 9:

– Book any equipment (if required)

-Conform with the crew roles for the shooting in week 10

– Organise delicacy for the shoot in week 10

Week 10:

– Shooting over the weekend

Week 11-12:

– Editing the first draft and then see where to go from over there, (hopefully no re shoot is required)

Week 13

– Present the atrtifact

Idea development and planning

I’m still sticking with my original thought of film idea which is about this guy in his 20’s and his past is haunting him in his dreams and eventually starts to appear in day time. At first I thought to make a devil appear in his dream and later in physical form, but then I realised that would be too cliche, so instead I added a voice to my idea and later on this humanly figure at the end when this guy faces the being.

I think this is an interesting element, as it would appear to the audience that this whole situation is his conscious state of mind but then in the end the question will rise amongst the audience that is it still a dream for the main character or he doesn’t realise that voice has now become a part of his conscious state of mind.

In regards to the plan, I’m trying to take a different approach, It’s not conventional style of filmmaking where there will be a script and then things go along. I’m thinking towards improvisation technique and see where it leads to. So there will minimal script and screenplay as such. The whole film is focused more on impression and expression of characters.

Let’s see what more I can think about regarding my idea

Documentary Idea- no interviews

So this is the idea if I ever want to make a documentary in future:

The story will revolve around a group of wrestlers who come daily to their practice area which is situated in a graveyard in the city of Lahore, Pakistan. Despite the lack of facilities, their mentor ‘Ustad’ provides his couching to students. Regardless being in a same sport and it is based on individual effort, there is no jealousy among the group and it is their bond that provides the joy of watching them perform. This documentary will focus from the preparation of the ‘Akhara'(square ring of dirt on ground) to their relationship, aggression and the excitement that they have in the ‘Akhara’.

Approaches to film this except for interviews.

I think the observational style as coined by Bill Nichols would be the appropriate way to shoot, as this style has no interviews with the subject. Many different approaches can be made. Following shoots comes into my mind

1, Mid shoot of these wrestlers coming to the area.

2, extreme closeups of their gear changing (Keeping it mysterious for a while)

3, wide shot of the empty ground.

4, closeups of preparing the ring

5, may be add elements of poetic mode with some music which would portray rushing towards finishing it up.

6, Mid shot to close ups of their emotions (aggression, laughter, the energy, excitement) while training

7, wide long shot of them leaving the ring and going back home.