The Sound Drama

In this week’s workshop, we got a hands on experience of Zoom sound recorders. We got to know important key elements in sound recording and that there are actually 4 types of sounds, General sounds, vocals, speeches and noise. We were then divided into groups and went out to record different sounds for the class exercise. As such using the equipment was pretty easy but recording a conversation a metre away was challenging as the ambience sound was kind of overlapping with the sound that Maggie and I were trying to record.

But on the plus side, the ambience sound of water and train came out great. It is really important where you place the mic and perhaps now while I’m writing this post, I realize that is the only reason why we failed in the recording, perhaps i didn’t set it right or maybe the sound levels were not properly done right so we normalized it and it turned out the original recording was far better as the normalized version made the sound clip way loud.

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