Week 11: Room With a View

We are having trouble contacting Listen Collective for our feature, which is now due in two weeks. Pat has sent a request through a form on their official website, but we have yet to find a direct contact. Sam has offered one, so I have now contacted the organisation directly, and am currently waiting for their response.

We have decided that narration will play an important part in the final piece. We have decided to play our feature on our show on Monday the 30th of May (the final due date for everything). As I am presenting on that day, I have offered to narrate the piece, as we all feel that it would be odd for different voice (that is not a presenter) to suddenly appear on the show. I am currently doing a rough draft of the narration for it, and we are planning to record sometime next week.

We sent our ideas to Elizabeth on Monday night. We are starting to get nervous about our ideas and arranging these interviews, as we want to send our running sheet to Elizabeth by Monday next week (which will be exactly one week before our final show as a group in Week 13). We will wait until Elizabeth gets back to us, and decide where to go from there.

In class this week, we have arrange our future shows at Triple R after classes finish. I am going to take part in a show on June the 13th. I think it might be a challenge to schedule a show so soon after our one in Week 13, but I am looking forward to challenging myself. I love my experience at Triple R so far, and would love to take part in anything I can.

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