Week 10: Room With a View

Apparently, the feedback indicated that although there were clearly problems in various parts of my panelling, it was not a complete disaster as I had anticipated. The levels of the song were difficult to maintain at the time, and apparently that was heard when it was live to air. Stupidly, I did not realise that it would be necessary to listen to the song and maintained its levels until live on air. I was not happy with the job that I did at the time. There was also a quieter song that I played when the presenters blanked on air that lengthened the silence, which I did not realise at the time, and am quite disappointed with myself in.
After the show last week, we started to think about what roles we would like to do for our next show in Week 13. Amalina has indicated that she wants to panel operate and not present, so that means myself and Laura will be responsible for presenting, Bek as producer and Pat selecting music and social media
With the show now done, we decided to now entirely focus on our feature. It was Pat’s idea a few weeks ago to do our feature on sexual assault at music festivals. Sexual assault, the lack of society understanding and the difficult law process behind it, is something that I am very passionate about. So I am very glad that my group has decided to focus on this issue. Pat has offered to interview someone from his home town by himself later on this week. I had initially offered to come along and help, but he brought up the fact that he saw it as returning to his home town for the day, which is why I decided not to go. Pat has also interviewed someone from C.A.S.A, so I am relieved that our group has something to start on. Last week, on discussing our feature idea with Elizabeth, she offered the suggesting of the organisation, the Listen Collective. She stated that we cannot discuss this issue without talking to this group at all.
We are having trouble selecting ideas for our next show in three weeks so soon after our last show. We are aiming to send our ideas to Elizabeth by Monday next week. I am trying through different websites online to be inspired by an idea, but I have not found an appropriate one yet. I am hoping that I will be inspired more naturally by news stories and the like throughout the week.

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