Studio Feature interview and narration

Yesterday, Pat and I conducted the interview with Rachel, a volunteer from the Listen Collective at 12pm over the phone. I was quite pleased with the content that we gained from this 12 minute interview. Rachel inadvertently offered statement and opinions which suit our other interviews in the feature incredibly well. We only need talking for a max two or so minutes within the piece, and gained everything necessary for this interview.

From this, we then began to finalise our script for the narration. I did to the narration at the first time, but upon listening back to it, I questioned whether my voice would be appropriate for the piece. I am concerned that my voice is too high and soft. When we found out that we had more time in the studio to another cancellation,  I suggested that Laura narrate the piece.  I think that her recording was far better for this type of piece, and am really happy with my suggestion.

We started to edit the piece, and came up with an idea of how we want the feature to play out. I think that we are in a brilliant place for our feature.

Although we have one interview for our show on Monday and intending to play our feature, we have had a second cancellation for a potential interview on Wednesday night. We are currently trying to contact the Melbourne Period Project (another issue I would love to discuss on air) to confirm an interview live on air on Monday. If they turn us down, it means that we will have three cancellations. I am a little bit concerned about it right now, but hopefully they respond to us quickly. I am really looking forward to the interview on Free to Feed. I have some initial questions set up, but am aiming for a conversational style with Laura live on air. I think Laura and I need another practice interview before going to air, so we have booked a studio for 10am before the show this coming Monday. I am trying not to be too nervous at this stage, as I want to perform my best on Monday and be as relaxed as possible for it. I expect that I will be incredibly nervous in the introduction (and my performance may suffer because of it) but I am hoping that I will ease into the flow of it quite quickly.

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