Week 12: Room With a View

During the week, I had contacted Listen Collective, and received a response over the weekend. Unfortunately, this morning I found out that the interview that Listen Collective helped us schedule, lived in Sydney again. I did consider cancelling this interview, as I thought that the phone call would sound out of place for this feature, as all the other interviews were done face to face. However, after a group meeting, we decided to go on with this interview. I think that it would be best if we conducted the interview in Triple R studios, to ensure that there is no sound issue with the phone interview. We have scheduled the interview for Thursday at 12pm.
I send out an email to Free 2 Feed on Thursday last week- I gained confirmation from the organisation this morning that they will be at the studios at 12pm next week for our show. It is a relief to have an interview confirmed. As I have contacted two organisations, I felt that it was fair to ask co-presenter Laura to ask and confirm the other interview required for next week. Unfortunately, we received a cancellation of this interview with the coffee grinder recycling initiative during class. So we need to find a new idea again as soon as we can.
Today, we listened and analysis some pieces for the feature which is due next week. I am confident with how our feature is going. I am still drafting the scripts for both the interview and for the feature. I am going to be narrating the piece, as the group feels that since I am presenting, it will be better for listeners to hear the voice of one of the individuals presenting on the actual day. The group also felt that for this sensitive subject matter, it is important for a female voice to narrate.
After the lesson, we also went into Triple R studios to practice for our show, which is happening on Monday of Week 13. Since I am more of a naturally quieter talker, I am working on making sure that my voice appears low and clear when I am live on air. I have recently had an on-going cold these past two or three weeks, so I am concerned if my voice will be affected by this when we go live to air on Monday next week. While we were there, we also scheduled to book the studios for Wednesday and Thursday, for further practice, recording of the Listen Collective interview and for the recording of the narration.
I have had previous vocal experience on radio, but it was not so journalistic based. I am looking forward to challenging myself with this live to air interview. I think that I am good at interviewing people, but I am concerned that I might not perform the best live on air on the day, as I only have ever interviewed people off air.

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