Geelong’s Energy Future


Room With A View on Triple R – Aired May 4th 2021

Hi! We are Ally, Leonard, Meg and Caitlin and together we produced and hosted a show with Triple R on Room with a View. We interviewed Joshinder Chigger who is a dance teacher at the Wellness Program Manager of Studio J in Richmond about her free dance and laughter classes which she started at the beginning of the pandemic in order to bring some joy to people in lockdown. We also spoke to Geelong ethical dressmaker Caterina Monea and Jessie Boylan on their new exhibition The Smallest Measure as a part of the CLIMARTE festival.


Radio feature – Geelong’s Energy Future

We heard from a number of Geelong community members who are pushing back against a gas project that’s proposed for Corio Bay, very similar to the recently rejected plans from AGL in Westernport to moore LNG or Liquid Natural Gas Tankers out on the bay. Their campaign named Geelong Renewables Not Gas has brought numerous local environmental groups together to create a coalition against Viva Energy’s plans and push for gas alternatives and a renewable future for their community.

Sally Fischer and Tony Gleeson spoke to us about their involvement in the campaign below!

During this task, we all worked great as a team. We were able to interview different and inspiring people whose stories helped us to produce an interesting feature. We were able to develop skills in sound gathering, editing and collating as well as learning how to use tools in a radio and podcasting studio. Furthermore, we became more confident in using Adobe Audition and other editing software to create a well rounded and professional sounding on air show and radio feature. We learned a lot through this assignment, thank you to all group members and Heather. We hope you enjoy our projects!


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