Once Upon A Slime

RWAV Live Radio Show

We hosted an hour long show on Triple R Radio with Andrew, Yoyo and Caitlin for Room With A View. As part of the show we interviewed Kris Yang, a student who was locked outside of Australia as part of our 2020 COVID-19 border restrictions. Jess Quin, an entrepreneur who ran a successful “slime” business at the age of 16 and Steve Obri on his experience becoming an amateur tattooist in the middle of Melbourne lockdowns in 2020.

Radio Feature / Doco

In this piece we hear the story of Jess Quin, a young entrepreneur who ran a successful “slime” business at the age of 16. The piece explores how Jess found her way into the industry, balanced owning a business with the social aspects of being a teenager and we also hear from Jess’ Mum about helping out with the logistical aspect and the bizarreness of running a profitable toy manufacturing business from your home.

During this task we had the unique opportunity to be put on the spot and learn interviewing for a variety of prompts as well as learning how to use a recording studio to create audio content.
The final assessment also allowed us to learn the ability to create a narrative by editing a piece together from a number of soundbites.

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