COVID and Music Industry: How Pressure Made Diamonds

Elly, Henry & Noah – Team 4

RWAV On-Air Show

Our Triple R on-air ‘live’ show included three interviews, each around 10 minutes long. We had a telephone interview with Hector Clark, an artist and photographer who recently made the move to Los Angeles. In the studio, we had AFLW player Bonnie Toogood talk about her hopes for the future of women’s footy, and lastly Lydia Tesema, a community leader who focuses on marginalised peoples in Melbourne. Along with these interviews, we played six diverse songs curated by our group and had a few unscripted conversations. Overall we had a great experience hosting and panelling the show and learnt valuable lessons about production and radio as an industry and career!

Radio Feature/Doco


We’re about to hear about the current state of Melbourne’s young artists and creatives, specifically in the live music industry, and how they’ve been impacted by COVID19 and the lockdown in 2020. Many people in the local music scene were not able to work for upwards of 9 months which was a serious blow to the industry in Melbourne, but we’re listening to the personal experiences of three young artists all in different sectors of the creative world and how they faced the pandemic and are thriving in the aftermath. Here’s Noah daCosta with the story…

We chose to explore the state of the music scene in Melbourne through the eyes of three young creatives. We interviewed Olivier Permal who started Djing during COVID and created the music event Riddim, Riley Gower a techno DJ of over 6 years and Soli Tesema, a singer that had many gigs before COVID and is about to release an EP. Creating this feature had its challenges, specifically the overlap with our live show and the lockdown which meant we couldn’t collaborate as much on the editing, but ultimately it taught us about gathering and organising sound to create a narrative and we developed skills using Adobe Audition and the RMIT studio and equipment.

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