Not just a piece of cake: surviving in Australia


We were the final group to host an hour long ‘Room With a View’ segment on Triple R. Our show featured 3 interviews with 3 guests as well as a selection of music and personal discussions/reflections. We spoke with Tomas Ording-Jespersen about his artwork ‘Finding Balance’ which is being featured in the Top Arts 2021 Exhibition, CEO of Pride of our Footscray Community Bar, Mat O’Keefe who gave us insight into all things Pride and Drag and Denni Francisco, founder of an Indigenous clothing label, Ngali who shared the technical processes, ethos and visions behind her brand. 



The immigrant experience and racial discrimination continue to be significant issues in Australia, and for members of the Asian community in the country, this has been exacerbated by an increase in anti-Asian sentiment and incidents during the pandemic. Coming up, you’ll be hearing from Kenny, who immigrated to Australia from China in 2005. You’ll also hear from Kenny’s wife Lin, who is a cake chef, and their daughter Lydia. Kenny and Lin opened a cake shop in Melbourne in early 2020 during Victoria’s COVID lockdown. What does it take to survive individually as an immigrant and as a small business?  Kenny is open and honest about the struggles of migration in Australia, the challenges of opening a business during the pandemic, and the intense experiences that led him to where he is today.

We faced some challenges in the production process of our feature. Because we were the final RWAV show to air, we had to use the past few weeks to prepare for and record the show, which we prioritised over the feature because of the 3RRR deadline. We were able to record most of the interviews for the feature together on location, but had limited time to edit together in-person because of the recent lockdown. We’ve made sure to emphasise organisation and communicating as a group from the beginning, and so despite these challenges, we’re happy with the results of our final show and feature.

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