Two reasons why we ‘shoot to edit’?

There are many reasons why you should shoot to edit, at the end it all comes to being a sort of safety net. Shooting as many scenes during one day, regardless of the correct order to be able to edit everything in postproduction. Giving the possibility to fix mistakes made during the shoot and to have plenty of backup footage to fill the gaps.

A second reason is that it lifts the pressure during the shoot. When you go out for the day to shoot all your footage you only need to have the main idea. It is in postproduction that you can then use all the footage to re arrange thing and really shape your project, what angle the shots are taken from and in what order everything will go. Ensuring that plenty of footage is taken it also gives you spare footage if there is anything extra you would like to add on the go, or as you are shooting if you suddenly come up with this great idea to add to your film.

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