Week 7

  • Frankham, Bettina Louise. “Complexity, Flux and Webs of Connection.” A Poetic Approach to Documentary : Discomfort of Form, Rhetorical Strategies and Aesthetic Experience. (2013): PhD Dissertation, University of Technology Sydney.

    Through this article, Frankham explains how lists alienate the elements of a project and how by having links between elements create something a lot more complex then may have been intended. She says that this style of project should be directed towards online exhibition beyond linear narratives as they allow interactivity between the user and creator. When using this with Korsakow, she explains how you can use web-docs as a sort of montage to create a more complex system linking discrete objects. She explains how multiple connections can create a more interesting documentary with different possible outcomes.

    I likes the way this document explains the pro’s and the cons of having a link element like koraskow. It demonstrates how we can use these tools to our advantage. Frankham proposes that interactive web-docs can be seen as more active and present form of creating media as more of a thinking process.


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