This semester, there was manythings I wanted to learn and most of this I did. Some of the key things were learning how to analyze and reflect upon my own creative ideas and processes, and those of others. I gained many skills evolving around feedback and I belive now have a clear understanding of  the operation of professional production equipment including video cameras, sound recording mixers, lighting and editing equipment. Overall this semester was great and I really enjoyed it. I really liked being given the freedom to go out and soot/edit our own stuff without having a supervisior always telling me what to do, I think its really important to learn from our own mistakes rather than just to always be to how to do things. I was also suprised by how complex some of the software features were. In particular how many possible configuration settings there is on the course material. 

the teacher was very helpfull and he really made us feel like he was there for 24×7 support. I think we are all very lucky to have him as our teacher.


Great experience!

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