Week 10

Dovey, Jon, and Mandy Rose. “We’re Happy and We Know It: Documentary, Data, Montage.” Studies in Documentary Film 6.2 (2012): 159–173

In this article Rose and Dovey set out to establish that there is a new type of interactive media continually evolving and being developed. They state that this new form of interactive media is offering the opportunity for media makers to create a new and unmatched experience. Through the article they make a few references to the capabilities of this new media which, will have the power to create utter chaos. Launch or destroy industries, target high powered profiles or even give power to society. They explain how data is comparable to the sea. as both data and sea are limitless and partially unexplored.

I like this reading as it gives us, the media creators a sense of world power. This sounds funny, but when you put some thought into it and implement some of these tools great good or damage could be done.

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