Feedback PB1

My self portrait turned out to be something I could say I am proud of. There are certain aspects of it I feel don’t portray the ideas I was trying to get across but I do feel that is all part of the learning experience. Using all the separate elements of my first self portrait, I managed to create a flowing video that captured growth and change. I for the most part enjoyed editing, however I found myself getting frustrated by not perfecting the timing of things. One of the biggest challenges was trying to ensure the video was under one minute, and some things such as my poem and the images at the end were not able to give their full effect. The poem was hard to read as the slide plays much too quickly, therefore the meaning isn’t portrayed. The images at the end did not show so well as the lighting was bright and the dark images weren’t shown through the projector which was disappointing. I am very happy with the painting video as it portrays the growth and change that is my main idea. I felt as though the lighting change in the last shot of this was distracting however many other classmates mentioned it shows time passing and was very effective to point out the growth of the painting.
I think my grade for this was appropriate and showed the extent to which i feel I deserved.

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