Two in one

With a backdrop as plain as my bedroom blind, I never guessed I would create such incredible results. Using a slow shutter speed and double flash I managed to capture one of my favourite personal assets, my hair. It has changed from platinum blonde, to natural red and almost everywhere in between. The vibrant movement […]

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Playing With Relfection

Deciding to visit my past trends (1970’s, hippies, headscarfs and long dresses) I also contemplated the idea of reflection. Taken in my current favourite spot, zen area and garden placed in the void of my apartment directly next to my bedroom, I set up a camera in the midst of my greens and vines, aiming […]

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The Snowball Effect

This photo was taken in a space off Artists Lane in Prahran, at night, I had set up my camera with a very slow shutter speed using the flash to capture different moments. I aim to portray first and foremost my love of dance and movement, physical exercise is so important to my wellbeing and […]

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Rediscovering the art of the lens

Week two The Un-Selfie: Taking Back the Self-Portrait   An article found through Media lectorial led me to begin a new thought process on the self-portrait vs the selfie. The idea behind a selfie is to capture a moment, an action, some new makeup or clothing accessory and share that with all your friends […]

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