Project Brief 3 Feedback

We had in depth group discussions about our pieces. This was helpful although our time got cut short and i was unable to receive full feedback which was disappointing. Using the hats as referenced earlier we made specific points about what we did and didn’t like and how they could make it even better. After […]

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project brief 3

My best friend and partner in crime, Micha Dylan Koster is a well travelled young man with many extravagant stories to tell. Creating a media portrait of him has been challenging and exciting, and I am feeling confident and proud of the final result. The process of making this video began with narrowing down the […]

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Self Portrait V2

Here we go. The editing and collaborating process of this assignment was helpful more than anything. Editing has always seemed somewhat daunting, complicated and fidgety. I have never been good with fidgety things. Putting together my familiar and new pieces of media was enlightening and helped me to tie together the overall idea behind my […]

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