Project Brief 3 Feedback

We had in depth group discussions about our pieces. This was helpful although our time got cut short and i was unable to receive full feedback which was disappointing. Using the hats as referenced earlier we made specific points about what we did and didn’t like and how they could make it even better. After […]

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project brief 3

My best friend and partner in crime, Micha Dylan Koster is a well travelled young man with many extravagant stories to tell. Creating a media portrait of him has been challenging and exciting, and I am feeling confident and proud of the final result. The process of making this video began with narrowing down the […]

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Self Portrait V2

Here we go. The editing and collaborating process of this assignment was helpful more than anything. Editing has always seemed somewhat daunting, complicated and fidgety. I have never been good with fidgety things. Putting together my familiar and new pieces of media was enlightening and helped me to tie together the overall idea behind my […]

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Lo-Fi Poems

Fragile I despise my fragility no, not weakness. fragility. Like a petal, pretty to look at, soft to touch, fleeting, but fragile. His malice, her potency, their love. All too malignant for fragile little me. I am fickle to the bone unstable and changeable     Original Poem Text for self portrait

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Two in one

With a backdrop as plain as my bedroom blind, I never guessed I would create such incredible results. Using a slow shutter speed and double flash I managed to capture one of my favourite personal assets, my hair. It has changed from platinum blonde, to natural red and almost everywhere in between. The vibrant movement […]

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Playing With Relfection

Deciding to visit my past trends (1970’s, hippies, headscarfs and long dresses) I also contemplated the idea of reflection. Taken in my current favourite spot, zen area and garden placed in the void of my apartment directly next to my bedroom, I set up a camera in the midst of my greens and vines, aiming […]

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The Snowball Effect

This photo was taken in a space off Artists Lane in Prahran, at night, I had set up my camera with a very slow shutter speed using the flash to capture different moments. I aim to portray first and foremost my love of dance and movement, physical exercise is so important to my wellbeing and […]

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Rediscovering the art of the lens

Week two The Un-Selfie: Taking Back the Self-Portrait   An article found through Media lectorial led me to begin a new thought process on the self-portrait vs the selfie. The idea behind a selfie is to capture a moment, an action, some new makeup or clothing accessory and share that with all your friends […]

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