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Week 10? Yes? Maybe? Sure.

Lookin’ @ DJ TK’s vid-HEY-OOO.

Pretty darn kewl video. I’m guessing this video is for the fast, multiple-shot sketch task.

I chose to look at this video because I really like the shots. Particularly the second shot of the tap – a brilliant high angle of the tap shooting water out. The framing is FaBuLoUs. We see the stream of water gushing out onto the sink floor and splaying water all around it. This shot begins focusing on the stream of water. But then there is a focus pull to the tap head. It’s just an all-round great shot.

I like the repetition of shots – the cutting between shots of the tap head and shots of the sink floor. It creates a good, quick, intriguing pace.

Fulfils the brief. Creative – I like the choice of jet-like running water as the ‘quick’ thing (accented by quick editing).


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  1. tianakoutsis
    Posted May 24, 2014 at 9:53 pm | #

    hahaha thanks ells!!!

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