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Week 10.

So I had a look at Bec’s blog post. Who had a look at Jim’s blog post. Yep. That’s right. This is gonna be a blog post about a blog post about a blog post.

Bec talks about how Jim talks about how trailers these days – or specifically The Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer – reveal too much plot. They reveal the plot surprises in the trailer, rather than keeping them exclusive to the movie.

I can see his point. But this doesn’t really affect me. I don’t really watch trailers. I sometimes go on full-on trailer binges. They’re fun to do. But if I want to watch a movie, I’ll literally just watch that movie. I won’t waste precious movie-watching time by watching the trailer. No. I’ll watch that movie.

Unless it’s the 127 Hours trailer. Epic trailer for an epic movie. I could (and have…) watch that trailer over and over for months on end. Gets me in the feels every time. And, NO, everyone. No, it is not a horror movie. Stop cringing at the thought of it. Get over it. It is a survival story. It is a BREATHTAKING, THRILLING, PHENOMENAL, CAPTIVATING, EXQUISITE CELEBRATION OF LIFE. Yes, we all know how it ends. But you still question whether he’s going to make it out. It’s just done that well. Oh, and the other question. No. No. No. No, the reason I like it is NOT because of James Franco. He is irrelevant to the brilliance of this movie. (I don’t mean that in terms of acting excellence.) Plz. The movie is too overwhelmingly amazing to leave space for him. The end.

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