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Meetings/classes/seminars attended: all except for week 1 and week 2 (was on a film shoot / away).

Contributed ideas towards seminar development (particularly in terms of marketing suggestions); engaged in discussions (for example, about what questions to ask guests); pitched ideas to video team; kept in the loop with the goings on of the other members’ tasks so as to maintain a singular brand across all boards for the seminar (in other works, make sure that the brand/message/concept aligned across the video work, poster design, seminar design and so on).

Kept in regular communication with the team via the private Facebook group.

Kept in regular communication with the separate video team via a Facebook group message.

Helped to produce and shoot the promo video and seminar video. (Oh, and the set of stills too.)

I’ve really enjoyed this project and I feel that I got a lot out of it. Our team was enthusiastic and passionate and hard-working, so that made everything run a lot more smoothly than originally anticipated. We came up with some original and creative concepts for our seminar, and I think that made us stand out from the earlier seminars!

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