Unsymopsium Wk 7 – General

When we were discussing hypertext today, I found Elliot’s comments really helpful. It seems like I am not alone at comprehending the magnitude of hypertext and how one even approaches creating one. Elliot was discussing causality and how we as human’s are prone to looking for links and a causal relationship.

All narratives have some diegetic environment – even if you can’t control the structure, you can control the world – so first create the world.

This made it all much more comprehensible to me. A valid starting point for hypertext was provided. I’m sure it’s not the only way but for those of us who are defeated by the thought of even knowing how to start, it’s a no doubt helpful approach.

Adrian, conversely said the key was just to start, and i think that’s the case for any work really. If you are unwilling to give it a go without any clear direction, chances are you’ll never find the direction. Hypertext seems to facilitate this method more than standard linear constructs. It’s very nature allows you to form links as you go; to identify which elements are linked to frequently versus which elements will roam on the edges only just affiliated with the content.

Adrian also spoke about Plot and Story, that the plot is the timeline of the story. We can accept flashbacks and nonlinear representations of story via the plot, so it is helpful to view hypertext as a heightened version of this.

Brian brought it back to ideas I connected with, and was reassured by. He spoke about codes authors can use to try and help illustrate their meaning to their audience. Communication’s very purpose is to share ideas and connect with people and there are tools we can use to maximise our meaning.

When the discussion was focused around Documentary and hypertextual documentary fitting into genre I think the important things that came from that was:

– To be a documentary there must be a truth claim about the world.

– documentary can make a truth claim that can be disputed

– genre is not just about textual form

– Our media literacies are what limits our understanding of work within a genre, not the work itself. i.e. Brian’s anecdote on Rap music.


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