Giovagnoli’s Plan Transmedia

What I mainly took from Giovagnoli’s article on ‘Plan Transmedia’ was the fact that he categorized transmedia storytelling depending on their complexity and usage of different types of media.

There were 3 specific systems that he mentioned when he categorized the usage of transmedia, supportive, competitive and omnivorous.

From what I took from it:

  • The supportive system is a consistent and stable method of using transmedia storytelling to enhance the current existing narrative. However, it’s weakness lies in that it can be difficult to maintain interest of the audiences if you’re going to be repeating the same information over and over; SSDD, ‘Same shit different day’. Although if done right it can be quite an effective means of bringing audiences more engaged with the narrative.
  • The competitive system functions a bit differently in that they’re not limited by a single platform in which they use to expand/enhance the narrative. They tend to branch out into different platforms all competing with one another, e.g. social media, websites, etc. While this is a bit more of a risky and costly move it does draw in a wider range of audiences from all across different mediums. It also won’t be as easy to expand the narrative as other methods.
  • Lastly the omnivorous system is noted as probably the most effective system of transmedia storytelling as while it expands it essentially draws everything from a central narrative/concept. E.g. The Marvel universe – while there are all these movies and comics, adaptations etc, ultimately it leads back to the narrative of which Marvel portrays.

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