Project 3 Presentation Reflection

Although I wasn’t able to attend the panel presentation and get direct feedback and critique, I was able to get the feedback relayed from Nik and Aravinda.

Ultimately what the main issue we’re currently facing is the fact that the structure of our Korsakow and Interview questions and subjects weren’t polished enough and felt boring. I agree in that sense that it does seem stale and repetitive so what I’ve learned from that particular feedback is that in order to actively engage with the audience much more we need to consider perhaps lowering the amount of interviewees to 3 rather than 5.

This’ll give us more time to get to know less people in more detail – quality over quantity. We’re also looking into further developing and altering the structure based on this new premise. Although we’re limiting ourselves to 3 interviewees, we’re sticking with the main question still – What does cycling mean to you? The only difference is the amount of detail we’ll go into each interviewee mixed alongside the new structure we have planned for the granules.

In terms of granule structure, we’re looking to use the drone footage to capture establishing shots to use as a hook for the audience, although we may be limiting the usage of machinima in the process and use it more of a transitional thing, however we still plan on using machinima as a means to recreate scenarios that would otherwise take too much time to recreate. This is to also avoid using as many talking head shots as possible as it’ll drag on – so we need action shots to keep the audience captivated.

As for the korsakow structure, we’re looking into changing certain aspects of it, I believe it’ll be much easier when it comes to the workload in Korsakow as we’re only working with 3 subjects, however the overall structure won’t be altered too much. We may link a lot more granules together however as a way to increase the amount of freedom we’re giving to the audience.

Overall our main concern is being able to keep the audience’s attention and to make our work ‘less boring’. It should be achievable given the changes we have planned and so forth.

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