Project 4 Progress – Building a community through suggestions and tags.

Further adding onto this notion of using text/caption to accompany the gif, I took a look at trying to build more of a gaming community that allows audience contribution and even participation. Expanding on my first idea – by using hashtags within a gif to set a trend I believe it would be easier ad much more effective to create a community as it allows the audience to follow that trend through their own gaming experience as well as share it. This idea is also met with the notion of ‘suggestions’ – asking the audience of what they want to see, what they want to happen, giving them the freedom to manipulate what they see to an extent.


Through these trials I found that there are multiple ways of establishing a community through highlights. I reckon we should stick to taking in suggestions of what to do by the audience as to establish a highlights reel feed more suitable to showcase for our prototype – where as by setting a trend to the community may be more difficult to display as it’ll be scattered across twitter as a whole – however the usage of tags still applies in this idea as tags make it easier to group certain aspects of highlights that we may want to share and spread.


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