Project 4 Progress – Utilizing the caption on Twitter.

After getting feedback on our progress last Friday, I’ve decided to expand on this notion of utilizing the caption/text option on twitter to work with the .gif files. Again, as with .gifs, it’s limiting because you’re only allowed 140 characters in a tweet which may or may not hinder the creative process. In my opinion this makes for an interesting way to express yourself, especially when we’re trying to establish a gaming community through twitter. Earlier I used short simple to the point caption to go with my gif tweets, this was directed towards a specific audience, an audience of gamers who would understand what had happened.

I ran the captions under the assumptions that only gamers would take an interest in these ideas, but after discussion, I found that if i were to add a more descriptive caption it would be able to be viewed and understood by a wider audience – hence I’ve expanded on this notion of caption in these couple tweets – adding as much description as I could so the images and gifs would be easier to understand.



After doing this I realized just how many ways I can utilize text on twitter to help create a gaming highlights feed, so it’s really up to how you want to portray your highlights and how you want to build a community that affects how and what the text represents and says.

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