What is a ‘gaming highlight’?

Gaming highlights are snippets of found footage in game that showcase certain events or moments within that session that viewers may find amusing, entertaining, amazing etc. In short, they’re short videos showcasing certain aspects of interest to the viewers lasting typically up to a minute depending on what’s being showcased.

An example of a gaming highlight is shown below:

So as you can see, a highlight is a pretty simple concept, but what we’re exploring is how we can take it further in terms of mixing it with different online services. What can a highlight become when it’s introduced through different formats? What can make it work better?

Highlights also tend to pave the way for other different video forms such as a ‘gaming montage’ or a ‘machinima’ – a highlight becomes the basis for creating something much more advanced and essentially more ‘entertaining’. But overall it depends on what online service you watch these kinds of videos on, e.g. youtube targets more

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