Project 3 Sketch 5 – Quality

For these couple of sketches I decided to see which quality format would best suit our concept and the basis of this sketch was to get an understanding of what kind of quality would be best suited for certain online services  and tools.

The one below is a standard .wmv file set at 1080-30p. A lot of people tend to use this particular format because it retains good hi definition quality, not the best, but it’s good enough. The main reason people use this format however is due to it’s file size, only about 6 seconds accumulates to only about 8mb, and that’s set at 1080p. This file type is the most suitable compared to most others when it comes to uploading onto various online services. Facebook for example, videos tend to be short ranging from a few seconds to a minute so it’s only logical to waste as little time uploading something that’ll probably be watched and moved on. Certain sites however alter the quality of the video as well.

For example – Vimeo tends to lower the quality of the final product, probably only allowing HD uploads to those willing to upgrade their account, but through countless times uploading to Vimeo, i always found that the quality went down compared to uploading it to youtube.

Here’s an example:

And then the same video uploaded to Vimeo:

Overall I think that using YouTube as a means of uploading content is a better alternative compared to other sites, this of course is within the context of the genre and concept we’re exploring – a gaming montage. This is because a montage in particular tends to revolve around the idea that something specific wishes to be showcased to as many people as possible who find it interesting.

Although sites such as facebook and twitter can be used as services towards this concept, in order for a montage to really make an impact it needs to have a wide audience and the duration to really bring it out. Something that I will explore in my future sketches.

Note: I’ve also tried rendering in HD .avi format at 1080-30p, however, the file size was massive where 8 seconds accumulated to around 900mb. However, the quality was superb but overall that format felt impractical unless you had an upload speed fast enough to upload gigabytes of videos.

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