OVE Project 2 Sketch 3

Here I’m working with a variety of different equipment/software. But in terms of content, I’m steering away for a bit from the whole comedic Vine-like structure and more just experimenting with quality/technicality. In this sketch I’ve decided to use in-game found footage with live-action footage to see if I would be able to combine them to create some sort of hybrid narrative.

Again, I’ve used Fraps to record the in-game footage and used my dslr camera at 12.1 megapixels to record the live-action footage, and finally edited it together with Sony Vegas 13.

It was easy thinking up of a simple idea base this video around – a simple narrative of a guy who’s into the game immensely before being ‘shut down’, leaving him confused. However, finding in-game footage to go with this idea was quite difficult when considering what kind of footage I’m looking for. What I found that worked was the whole shift from camera quality to in-game quality that set’s up a nice transition from the real world to what’s going on behind the computer screen – creating two different world as opposed to my first sketch that feels set in a single world.

What I felt could’ve worked better however is if the live-action audio quality was better, although some may think that having that lower quality adds to the whole ‘two world juxtaposition’, I feel that in order for a piece like this to flow more smoothly, it’s audio should at least be around the same quality as the in-game hi-def audio.

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