Symposium Week 6

The symposium this week addressed clearly the issue we have with privacy when it comes to the internet. Personally I think that privacy as not really become much of an issue online, rather it’s the same as ever, only the context in which it’s applied to is different. For example, if one were to break into another person’s account online, it would be treated equally in my opinion as if a physical break in had occurred, hence online theft and breach of privacy.

Ultimately it’s really up to us to post things online that we want to post, keeping everything else hidden from public eyes, sites like Facebook as well have the option to disallow others to go through your profile pictures and timeline. So in my opinion privacy is not a massive concern that should be raised when using the internet, face it, there are far more serious things we should worry about, and within the online community there’ll always be someone who has the ability to break in accounts such as there are thieves and criminals in reality.


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