Week 2 – A World of Differences

One of the most aspects of this week’s reading was the statement that despite globalization of media and content local tastes are still attractive and even more successful in some cases.

Much of the E&M industry is growing more global, but cultures and tastes in content remain steadfastly local.

Even Netflix which is an increasing global streaming service says that the future is locally produced content. Content is not only being shaped by forces of globalization but also by localization. It is interesting when global companies want to launch or extend their brand somewhere else they have to think through a lot of decisions about market entry in terms of not just directly distributing content but finding ways to integrate local characteristics, cultures and taste.

An recent example could be the launch of VICELAND that is partnering with SBS to deliver their international content to Australia. Another article wrote that it will be replacing SBS 2, ““The new channel will be owned and operated by SBS, leveraging the distinctive creativity and experience of both VICE and SBS creative teams”. It will be interesting how this play out and how they will integrate local content into the already known VICELAND productions. Also, surprising the managing director of VICE Australia said “This is a unique partnership that will help catapult Vice further into the consciousness of young Australians”. However, as far as I know VICE is already quite popular amongst young Australia.

Also another issue to consider with international content is that local content and mainly the industry still thrive for our own economic purposes.


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