Finding Time In A Digital Age

This week’s reading was a game of pace telling us to slow down in our technology heavy lives. Our research paper topic is narrowing down more but I asked a question to my group yesterday which was “Can we still have a high level of engagement without technology existing in the environment?”. I immediately glanced at the several laptops and phones that were placed on the tables or within eye sight around the room. An insight that I pulled out of the reading was that “neither the smartphone nor even the sheer volume of e-mail traffic drives the speed of work” or our lifestyles. The reading argues that we reach for other devices to relieve the stress and pressure that the devices MAGNIFY and thus it already exists.

Also, I always wondered which was leading the way, technology or us. Adams argues that we are co-creating it together. That technology exists as a mirror of us and society.

This is an interesting TED talk that explores what jobs we will be losing due to technology.


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