Five Minds For the Future

This week’s reading “prescribed” 5 minds that we need to navigate the future workplace. They include the disciplinary, synthesizing, creating, respectful and ethical mind. Definitely one that I’m trying to work out right now is the disciplinary mind because how do you know what to focus on or to be your craft? I’ve always thought I would never be able to fit into just one box/discipline/job. I think he is saying that we should master or specialize in something to be able to have a competitive advantage. However what able been a multi-disciplinary mind? I feel that our generation is moving towards the “jack of all trades” type rather than being “masters” of just one. Also being across disciplines would help with cultivating a synthesizing mind which his the ability to integrate ideas from various fields and spheres into a whole. Also with the emergence of the “portfolio career” people are more equipped with a diverse set of skills.

This video sums up his 5 minds for the future:



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