Week 3

“Do content farms and freelancer sites exploit writers and erode the working standards of the writing profession? Or do they provide a previously non-existent opportunity for amateurs to get paid?”

This question stuck with me throughout the reading. I found this reading not as well structured as the others have been a little more dated. I would say that the answer to that question would be yes to both.

This is a more recent example of writers being exploited by a media company. Tracey Spicer spoke out about allegedly writers at the Guardian to write a 1,000-word column on women’s financial empowerment for ANZ for $140, which would come to 14 cents per word. She later goes on to state that many media companies trade writers their work for exposure and low pay. However she says that “the problem is it demeans the role, the task, and the job of being a writer”. Thus it would most likely produce lower quality writing. Also is the transition from freelancer to full time worker a leap? I wonder how many writers or even media creatives are actively choosing to work freelance or that is just a more feasible option when you are starting out?


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