Ghosts of RMIT

Ghosts of RMIT Virtual Tour: Melbourne Ghosts

Title: Melbourne Ghosts

Length: Depends on individual use, it’s a non-linear self-guided virtual tour

Crew: Jake Baldwin, George Downing, Linh Luu, Jackie Matthews, David Spencer, Marcus Pedrigal, Cassie Chiong and Steph Wu

The Intended purpose of the project: Showcasing our individual work in our studio ‘Ghosts of RMIT’ throughout the semester. The virtual tour is split into two individual tours for each respective building (Building 20 and Building 16)

My role involved doing some initial research, shooting building 20 with the help of Linh and Cassie and stitching together panoramas for the Virtual Tour. We compiled all our research and planning in the Google doc. Cassie and I mapped out the path way for building 20. In post production I ordered all the clips and stitch together the panoramas using photoshop.

The Virtual Tour hasn’t been completed yet and we still have to import in the remaining clips and panoramas. However I think that it was a great way to showcase our work and the building while also exploring augmented reality and place.

I found that this was a completely new aspect that I didn’t have much knowledge about. Definitely opened up my eyes to the work behind technology like virtual tours and how expansive media can be. Also the importance of having skills even if on a basic level in different areas.

In the industry I think there is room for presentation media like a virtual tour. For example in a gallery, museum or even schools use virtual tours. Also, what I didn’t think that much about beforehand was presenting media/projects because usually we just show them on our laptop or something more basic.  Although I think that aspect of presentation was emphasised more in this studio and put just as much importance on how it is displayed as well. For example needing to organise the end of semester presentations and but also through the virtual tour to display our work has been a great learning experience.

A lot of production houses or even individual/freelance media makers have digital portfolios to display their work. I think it say something about their aesthetic and style and there is more freedom to how their work is viewed opposed to just a YouTube/Vimeo account for people to scroll through.

I found the idea of augmented reality to very new as well. Finding out about things like Google 360 and even using the Google Cardboard was great.

I think the Virtual Tour combined with the website will showcase our work in a way that reflects the concepts that we have been discussing in class, our teamwork and our individual pieces in a cohesive fashion.


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