Class Idea Brainstorming

Last Friday we got to brainstorm in class about our final group project, which would present all our work from the semester. Our group had many ideas, some a little out of reach (time machines and such). We went able brainstorming but looking out different mediums and then linking them together such as starting with photography, video or audio individually then branching them together. We realised that choosing one medium would not be able to adequately showcase the variety of work we would produce that could range from audio to video to even an exhibition. So with the variety of work we would need to have a mixed median to showcase it.

Just three of our ideas:

1. A treasure hunt (not virtual) – using the two buildings to create an amazing race type game which groups of students can go around and view our work, get clues then it would link to the next one

2. Virtual reality app/website – virtual tour

3. Having projection screens put up in the building correlating with where the work takes place

We ended up going with the virtual tour idea/augmented reality. Here are some of the examples that we found online: – liked how they have the larger bird eye’s view map and then it went into each separate room so you can have a broader view of how the whole building fits together


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