i’m not sure if it’s hereditary or genetic or possibly terminal, but i’ve seriously got the most intense case of procrastination i’ve ever encountered. i’m a strong, fierce independent teen girl, and i’m not afraid to state an opinion here and there, but i’m really in a limbo when it comes to this blog. it’s almost like a stage fright, knowing that all these people can read my inner thoughts and the way my brain processes information so openly. while i’m opinionated, it’s always selective, but i believe regardless of what i contribute or omit, i’m always going to have this super vulnerable side of me out here in the open. that kinda terrified me, but i guess it’s one of those dive head first in and be brave.

it’s not that i was fearful of criticism, that shit’s like mother’s milk to me. i love having goals to work towards, i think i was – for once in my life – speechless. but that’s fine, i’ll work it out, i’ll find my voice and it will be fabulous. 

so, without further ado … let’s begin this crazy little thing!

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